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The 2001-2004 seasons have been disappointing as far as Sunflower yields go, however, bear in mind that the crops have been grown with little to no in crop rain and a less than ideal moisture profile at planting.

From an Agronomic perspective, Sunflowers are one of the few tap rooted summer crops planted in Central Queensland. They can utilise deep moisture and nutrients, particularly Nitrogen, and are a great double cropping option into Wheat stubble. They provide an option to rotate traditional Sorghum paddocks with the ability to control Summer Grasses, Sorghum Almum, Volunteer Sorghum, etc. with in crop herbicide sprays.

Historically speaking, Sunflowers offer a higher dollar return per hectare than Sorghum and are an important rotation crop for the Central Queensland region, particularly when Sorghum prices are not very attractive. There are a number of different markets available, with premium markets sometimes available if you have invested in on farm storage.

Seed treatment is very important especially where soil borne insects are present. Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia supply Betta StrikeTM seed or you can treat the seed yourself with Cosmos. We recommend that all planting seed be treated, giving your crop the best possible start to the season.



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