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Commodity Seasonal Outlooks



Sorghum: Prices are still historically high, with the export parity putting a floor in the market.  Tight world grain supplies and resulting high futures provides a good outlook for sorghum prices. 
Wheat: Rain in New South Wales and Southern Queensland has seen the wheat price come back around $50/t.  since the peak at harvest time.  Outlook is steady to lower depending on the size of the sorghum plant in Southern Queensland and New South Wales and demand by end-users.   
Chickpea: Chickpea market has come back dramatically since harvest.  Prices are still available on a spot basis.  At present we are pricing out of Brisbane rather than in the system. 
Sunflower: We have markets available for black and grey stripe sunflower, please call. 
Other Crops and General Information:

Mungbeans: There are attractive hectare contracts available for Spring crop mungbeans, please call.






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