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Spring Sorghum Info Sheet (pdf).

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Marshall Seed & Grain Services Pty Ltd offer Hybrid Grain Sorghum seed that will suit your planting needs. We supply quality seed from leading Hybrid Seed Companies with on-farm service and advice.

All planting seed can be supplied either treated with Insecticide & Fungicide or simply just with the standard thiram treatment. Cosmos is available if you prefer to treat your own seed. We strongly recommend that all planting seed be treated, either professionally treated, or at home with Cosmos. Pioneer trials have shown an average return of approximately $36/ha return for a $4/ha cost using professionally treated seed - that's a 900% return on investment.

If you have thought about wide rows but can't decide what row spacing you prefer, give us a call. Through our association with Pioneer Hibred Australia, we have access to data collected from years of trials, both company planted and farmer planted, that will help you decide which configuration suits you best. We can advise not only on row spacing but also what population will suit your country and your configuration.

Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia have Betta StrikeTM seed treatment available which combines premium seed genetics and advanced seed treatment technology.


Product List



           Pioneer Hi-Bred Australia

All products are available with Standard treatment

                or Betta StrikeTM treatment.

                           Bonus MR








              Hylan Seed Company

All products are available with Standard treatment,

           Hylan Plus or treated with Cosmos.










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