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Fertilizing is about increasing the efficiency in which soil moisture can be turned into grain, hay or silage and dollar$.....

With our knowledge and experience we can assist you in increasing your farming efficiency, by matching individual paddock needs to the right HiFert fertilizer product.  By combining soil testing, conducted by an independent laboratory, with local knowledge and paddock history, fertilizers can be tailored to suit individual paddock requirements and budgets.

Marshall Seed and Grain Services Pty Ltd have been working in collaboration with leading companies since 1999 trialling fertilizer placement and application rates in a complete range of cropping situations.  These results identify that by adopting a fertilizer placement system in a planting program, returns can be increased by up to $18 per hectare for the same planting cost!!  Combining this information with data collected from our own farmer planted trials gives you, the grower, access to knowledge that will help you convert moisture to dollars.

Bulk Urea & Zincstar 5 products are available ex our silos and the complete range of products are available in-store Springsure or can be delivered direct on farm.  HiFert’s products can be blended to suit individual needs so the right nutrients can be applied in a one pass operation.

Products are competitively priced as current markets dictate and we are happy to quote on all your fertilizer needs along with recommendations on request.

Cash flow is an integral part of any business and the right accounts are available to suit any business needs, call us to arrange alternative finance options……the choice is yours.

Treating your own seed? Why not try Super Seedtreat, it is compatible with most fungicides, insecticides & inoculants and very inexpensive to use. It contains a host of trace elements and a germ booster to help your crop get the best start possible. Click on the links for more info. Technical Info and Diagram.



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