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Spring Sorghum Info Sheet (pdf).

Irrigated Sorghum Info Sheet (pdf).

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The end result is what counts in Farming


Every farmer knows each paddock on their property is different. Ask yourself these questions when next considering your planting decision.

  1. Are you making profit based decisions?
  2. Are you storing soil moisture as effectively as possible?
  3. Are you turning soil moisture into grain or beef and dollar$ as efficiently as possible?


We have the experience & the knowledge to treat each farm as unique, with individual requirements, and we will recommend products that suit your farming techniques best.  Our independent & honest agronomic advice will see you grow the best crop return possible. Recommendations are based from proven commercial and experimental data which is harvested from the local area.  Ongoing trials are conducted to collate information and identify the different farming trends evolving each season.


Growing outstanding crops isnít just planting on good rain.

Itís aboutÖ. 

  • When to plant

  • What to plant

  • How to plant


We can give you the solutions through the support of our supplier companies and by delivering the most innovative, competitive & proven products on the market.  


 Our staff can improve your end of year profit, the choice is yours. 

  • Crop budget reports

  • Soil testing

  • Fertilizer recommendations

  • Chemical recommendations

  • Crop & Variety recommendations

  • Crop inspections

  • Insect scouting

  • Grain screening

  • Yield tests


Irrigated Corn with No Nitrogen applied on the left and Nitrogen applied on the right (both had manure applied!!).

The rows on the left received no Simazine/Balance.

2 metre rows on the right returned $46/ha more than the 1 metre rows.



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